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How to sell your house despite the COVID-19 outbreak

Were you thinking of selling your home, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced you to put a hold on your plans? You are not alone. But as restrictions gradually loosen up in Los Angeles, the time might be ripe to revisit your goal. Is it a goo...

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General information about home buying

Buying a luxury home in Los Angeles is always an exciting experience, whether it’s your first time, your second, or even your fifth. It’s exhilarating to explore luxury homes for sale and even more thrilling when it’s time to finalize...

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Watching in Style: Los Angeles’ Luxury Theaters

If you are a connoisseur of the finer things in life, then you are sure to love these luxurious, high-end theaters in Los Angeles. The amazing amenities offered at these ritzy cinemas feature reclining leather chairs, plenty of legroom and ...

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Los Angeles Spots for That Perfect Instagram Shot

From picturesque sunsets on the beach to a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, there is no denying that Los Angeles has some of the most Instagram-able destinations in the nation. Many visitors come for a magical Disney getaway and find themse...

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Home Designs the Attract or Deter Homebuyers

In a recent online survey, an agent asked 1,000 different home buyers how a variety of 50 different interior themes would impact their desire to buy a house.  Not surprisingly, interiors from the 70s were less than popular, with about 4...

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Tips on Finding the Right Home Inspector

If you’re in the market to buy a house, choosing a home inspector is a part of the buying process that can have a notable impact on your future and how comfortable you are in your home. Home inspectors are responsible for informing you ab...

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Restaurants for Upscale Dining in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the kind of place you go to live a life of luxury, no matter the cost. That means having to spend a few hundred dollars on dinner too. It’s all worth it though, as LA is the place to be to find the best food around. You’ll en...

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