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Welcome to Beverlywood

Not quite Beverly Hills, but just as prestigious: that’s Beverlywood. This Los Angeles neighborhood is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, but it’s fine. This way, Beverlywood and its residents can maintain the perks of living in a close and tight-knit community.

  • Central Westside location
  • Quiet and family-friendly
  • Suburban charm in the city
  • Strong homeowners association
  • Tree-lined streets and well-kept green spaces
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    The location

    Beverlywood is located in Westside Los Angeles, situated near two of the city’s most famous neighborhoods: Beverly Hills and Cheviot Hills (just west). The community is bordered by the following thoroughfares: Pico-Robertson to the north, Castle Heights to the south, and Reynier Village, Crestview, and La Cienega Heights to the east.

    Location one of Beverlywood’s strongest suits. From here, major highways are easily accessible. Opportunities for work and play are also never far. Downtown Los Angeles is roughly a 30-minute drive away via I-10 W, but with so many neighborhood conveniences and amenities nearby, there is hardly any reason to venture downtown.

    It also takes about the same time to reach LAX from Beverlywoods via La Cienega Boulevard.

    From post-war homes to mansions

    Beverlywood traces its roots back to the 1940s, when Walter H. Leimert came and announced that this part of the countryside will be transformed into a housing tract. At first, nobody batted an eye— the people couldn’t see why anyone would want to live in this underdeveloped place. But Leimert foresaw Beverlywood’s future as an upscale and coveted place to live.

    Over 1,000 lots were planned and laid out. After the Second World War, veterans came back and some decided to call Beverlywood home. Soon, it became the model for post-war, middle-class living in Los Angeles. Property values eventually skyrocketed. More development kept knocking on Beverlywood’s door, but the residents are determined to keep the neighborhood’s character in tact.

    The real estate market

    Homes for sale in Beverlywood echo the neighborhood’s history: post-war single-family homes that were constructed from the 1920s through the 1940s. Some of the oldest homes are located north, close to Beverly Hills (the land Beverlywood sits on used to be a part of its more famous neighbor).

    Over the years, however, the real estate landscape in Beverlywood has gradually changed. Some long-time residents have expanded their current homes, while others have opted to tear down their old houses to build new mansions within their property lines. The latter is called “mansionization,” which the Beverlywood Homes Association is keen to stop to preserve Beverlywood’s character. Lastly, low-rise luxury condos have also popped up.

    The Beverlywood lifestyle

    Dining in Beverlywood

    • Dolce Isola is one of the local go-to bakeries for fresh, house-made bread and pastries, as well as breakfast favorites.
    • A Food Affair brings French-American classics like duck confit, beef bourguignon, French onion soup, and mushroom tourte to Beverlywood, served in a casual and cozy setting.
    • Yen Sushi and Sake Bar comes highly recommended in Beverlywood for great sushi, rolls, and sashimi made with high-quality ingredients. Best enjoyed with ample doses of sake. When the drinks start flowing during Happy Hour, Yen Sushi and Sake Bar makes for quite a lively spot.
    • Factor’s Famous Deli is the neighborhood delicatessen, famed for their corned beef on rye bread and their matzo ball soup. Factor’s Famous Deli has catered to the community for over 70 years.
    • Pat’s Restaurant along Pico Boulevard takes the place as Beverlywood’s beloved Kosher restaurant, serving hearty Italian meals with a dash of California.

    Shopping in Beverlywood

    Beverlywood is predominantly residential, with most of the commercial activity found along its boundaries. For designer shopping, the best place to go is easily Beverly Hills, which is just a stone’s throw away from the neighborhood. Arts District, with all its shops and art galleries, is also not far.

    Schools in Beverlywood

    The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) oversees the public schools in and around Beverlywood, namely Canfield Avenue Elementary School, Castle Heights Elementary School, Shenandoah Street Elementary School, Cheviot Hills High School, Hamilton High School, and Palms Middle School.

    There are also private schools located nearby, such as Page Academy Private School, Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, Pressman Academy, and the Yeshiva University High School, which has two separate campuses for girls and boys, both located along Pico-Robertson.

    Live in Beverlywood

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