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Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

Before buying that perfect home, make sure that the neighborhood it’s located in is just as ideal. Ensure that the neighborhood is a good fit for you and your family by doing some simple research.

The internet is an excellent tool for quickly accessing information on a community’s schools, businesses, and safety. A Google search is an easy way to get the locations of the schools and businesses in your potential neighborhood. Websites like Yelp offer reviews of local businesses and descriptions of neighborhoods in general. Crime statistics can be verified at by entering a zip code or address.

Another thing to consider before moving into a particular neighborhood is the availability of cell phone service. Contact your service provider and verify that you will have cell phone coverage in your intended neighborhood.

To really get the feel of a place, you will need to take a field trip to your potential home town and stroll through the neighborhood. Walk the streets in the morning and evening to make sure that the residents in the area are people you feel comfortable around.

Lastly, take a test drive of your potential commute to work. Drive to your place of employment at the same time you normally would. If the commute time is an hour or more, you may want to reconsider the neighborhood and look for something closer.