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Home Designs the Attract or Deter Homebuyers

In a recent online survey, an agent asked 1,000 different home buyers how a variety of 50 different interior themes would impact their desire to buy a house. 

Not surprisingly, interiors from the 70s were less than popular, with about 44 percent of those surveyed, citing the fuzzy toilet seat cover as the most significant home interior faux pas. 

Even though plush fabric sofas are enjoying a current revival, velvet sofas were shown no love by voters. Other no-no’s included animal print decor, acrylic furniture, pebble dashing, beaded curtains, and that 70s favorite, shag carpeting.

A steady favorite, granite worktops, have proven to be a classic choice, with about 37 percent of voters stating them as their most significant selling point when choosing a home. Other positive trends included French windows, conservatories, and surprisingly, laminate flooring. 

The survey also found that out of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen matters the most. Voters cited the kitchen as the most stylish and impactful room of the house. Bathrooms were ranked as the room with the most common “no-go” according to these home buyers.

Buyers are aware that both interiors and decorations can be changed; however, it costs time and money to do so. It makes perfect sense that would be home buyers are turned off by both tasteless decor or and unpopular furnishings. 

The study found that individual tastes are quite impactful when choosing a home and can deter most buyers from choosing a home if it does not match their style. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions can either make or break a potential sale. 

One of the most surprising finds of the study was the popularity of the laminate floors. This comes despite a current trend of embracing natural elements of a home, including exposed wooden floors and laying slate tiles. 

There is also undying love for granite worktops, which was no surprise. They are known for their durability and have a classic and timeless appeal to them. Most home buyers are instantly intrigued by the sight of granite worktops. 

Giving your home a makeover before putting it on the market is a great idea. Neutralizing any personal touches makes the home more appealing to home buyers and increases your chances of selling. If you are wondering how to sell my house fast in Los Angeles, try some of these tips.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Would-be buyers are also looking to purchase a home that is eco friendly and utilizes Energy Star-rate appliances. These types of appliances are no longer an anomaly; they have become the standard. If you don’t already have these appliances installed, you should consider using some of your remodeling budgets on making the switch. 

Also, energy-efficient trim and windows can reduce most heating and cooling costs by up to 12%, while Energy-star rated appliances can save homeowners around $45 per year on utility bills. Homebuyers looking to buy house Los Angeles are looking for homes that already have these features, so they don’t have to pay out of pocket to upgrade later. 

Storage Space

Most home buyers with a family are looking to purchase a home with plenty of storage space. Sellers need to keep in mind that creating a space that streamlines living will make selling the house much more straightforward. 

As the housing market begins to normalize, these additions can help set the home apart from the others on the market. Buyers are looking to purchase a home that enhances the practicality of living. Make sure that spaces are easily accessible and organized. 

Attics and backyard sheds are nice, but they are not as accessible as the garage. In most homes, the garage is attached to the house, which makes it a great place to store tools or unused boxes. 

Consider installing some shelving or cabinetry that could make the garage organized and easy to manage. Even installing peg wallboards or additional electrical circuits can give your garage storage space a much-needed edge. 

Consider Hard Wood

Even if you are choosing to install the surprisingly popular laminate version, choosing hardwood flooring gives your home a clean and elegant look. They are easier to clean and maintain, and they the outlast carpet. 

Engineered wood flooring is an option for those on a budget and still give your home that classic look and feel. It is generally 15% cheaper than real wood and can give your home a much-needed facelift. 

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