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Tips on Finding the Right Home Inspector

If you’re in the market to buy a house, choosing a home inspector is a part of the buying process that can have a notable impact on your future and how comfortable you are in your home. Home inspectors are responsible for informing you about the critical aspects of the house, both positive and negative. Their capability to find potential hazards or issues with the house is necessary for you to make an informed decision. 

If you plan on living in this home long term, choosing a reliable inspector is essential. Knowing how to choose the perfect home inspector can be a daunting task for first time home buyers. 

Simply doing a quick search for home inspectors in your area will bring up numerous inspectors to choose from, but just like any other profession, some are more skilled than others. If you are looking to hire a home inspector, following these simple tips will help you make an informed decision, you can be confident in. If you are looking for luxury home in Los Angles, a good inspector is a must.

Use a Recommendation From Your Agent

Your realtor is your lifeline when you are buying and selling a house and can become one of the most valuable resources when choosing an agent. If you trust your agent and can rely on them to have your best interest in mind, then you should also be able to trust them when it comes to hiring an inspector. 

Any experienced agent will have encountered their fair share of home inspectors. They will be able to spot the ones they know do good work and the ones to avoid. With so many Los Angeles homes for sale, finding the right inspector is entirely possible.

An agent who desires the best for their client will have a few stand by, tried, and dependable inspectors that they have thoroughly vetted and know will produce excellent results. If you are dealing with an honest agent, they will not be worried that a thorough inspector will cause a sale to fall through. 

If you are an inexperienced buyer or do know your agent well, you may want to think about choosing your inspector on your own. As in every industry, some do not have their client’s best interests in mind. There are a few agents who consistently choose lax inspectors to push a sale through. These inspectors will be less observant and less likely to cite faults or issues.

Conversely, some fantastic home inspectors can be a little too blunt when pointing out faults or issues. Some inspectors are just a bit better at communicating than others, which can have a dramatic effect on the buyer’s decision. 

The absolute worst of the worst home inspectors might be thorough, but they might also use scare tactics to intimidate the buyer or even exaggerate problems. What would be the reasoning behind this tactic? More than likely, if you pass on this house, you will call them to inspect the next home as well. Experts in the business like to call this a “two for one” and it is the telltale sign of a shady inspector. 

The best home inspectors will not only have a thorough touch, but they will also take their time and explain the actual severity of the citation. Some things are everyday issues and can be easily fixed, while others are genuine causes for concern. In most cases, the majority of inspection issues can be easily solved. 

Understand What the Inspection Entails

The best and most reliable home inspections will be comprehensive and will include every single minute detail of the home. If you are looking to buy a house in Los Angeles, your inspector should be checking every component of the house, which includes: 

  • The pipes and plumbing
  • The wiring and electrical
  • The condition of the structure
  • Any AC or heating units
  • Checking the foundation for faults or cracks
  • The attic and the roof
  • Finding any instances of water penetration
  • Checking for rodents and pests
  • Toxicity issues including mold, asbestos, lead or radon
  • All of the general appliances in the home

Having an inspector that will allow the buyer to look around and shop before choosing is a must. Some less than ethical inspectors will only check the foundation or the structure and nothing else. Be sure to do your homework and understand what you are paying for.

Generally, home inspections should take at least two hours to complete. If they are inspecting a larger home or an older home, it might take longer. Do not hire anyone who tells you that they can complete the inspection in less time than that. You want them to complete a thorough job.

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